The computer has become the new shoebox for memories, but it isn't always convenient to have guests pull up a chair next to the screen.
Let our graphic designers and photographers at Eyecatch Design Services help you convert your digital files into professional
products that you will be proud to display.

At Eyecatch, our graphic designers and photographers take your family history and priceless photos seriously. No one has a story like yours, and we want to help you tell it. Our photographers and designers know that you shouldn't have to accept anything less than the best.

We want to bring back the tradition of the old family photographer but still give you the designer's touch. That is why we established Eyecatch Memories. Our vision is to
combine a photojournalist's storytelling style with modern, cutting-edge
technology to preserve past experiences for future generations.

Telling your story is, in fact, the concept behind Eyecatch Memories. Our designers and photographers help you convey life's little (and big) stories so that they can be remembered and shared...
  • on your walls with unique gallery wrapped canvas prints
  • on your bookshelves with custom-designed coffee table books
  • on your big screen TV with DVD slide shows
  • on yourself with solid silver photo charm bracelets
Whether it's your family's photo calendar displayed in your kitchen or a beautiful custom-framed piece above your fireplace, Eyecatch Memories is always finding new ways to showcase your experiences.

Give our Dallas designers and photographers a call, and check out our fun and creative solutions. Start enjoying your photos again!
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