Do you want a unique way to
show off your photographs?

One of the first steps toward creating a one-of-a-kind product is crafting the vision, and Eyecatch Design can help. Our top-notch creative professionals possess the ability to see a masterpiece where others only see a photograph.

Our designers can create canvas prints, collage frames, photo calendars and virtually any other keepsake you can dream up! How about a book featuring a day in the life of your dog? Or an ABC book starring your children? We are happy to use the digital files already on your computer, or we can take photos for you to create a distinctive piece of art. We are a full-service design firm interested in telling your story and celebrating your life, however we can best achieve that goal.

Do you have dozens of shots of your son's first swimming lesson? We can turn them into a slide show, story book, or sequential, multiple-opening frame. Just show us the photos, and we can tell you how they would best be highlighted!

"I love, love, love these shots! How am I ever going to choose? I keep
going through them over, and over, amazed that you so perfectly captured every aspect of Brennan's personality. Thank you for helping
to preserve this fleeting time in our son's life. It means so, so much."

~ Melissa ~
Periodically, we will feature new ideas below. We would love to showcase your unique idea. To share, CLICK HERE and let us know.

Dear Ones
1962 - 2004
December 2007
Custom Memory Books by Eyecatch Design
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